“25” – A True Agility | FITLIGHT®
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What is Agility?

Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily.  A second definition is the ability to think and understand quickly.  It’s the combination of these definitions that is crucial to performance in sports, school, and life in general.  With the FITLIGHT Trainer™ , you can achieve an enhanced level of agility through the “25” drill.

Agility training is comprised of drills and exercises that involve rehearsed movements that are repetitiously implemented until the participant masters them.  True agility is from an external stimulus and is unpredictable.  This isn’t to discount traditional agility drills but FITLIGHT™  provides unsuspecting stimuli that dictate how to think on the fly and move from random positions.

Why Agility Matters?

The benefits of this type of agility training go beyond the surface.  When the body has to go through unfamiliar motor patterns, it makes neurons fire in a new way that causes them to form stronger connections.  The stronger these connections become, the more efficient your brain can function.  This can carry over to several different aspects of performance.

From a physical standpoint, this drill lasts between 10-20 seconds and is very explosive.  The ability to think and react quickly while physically taxing your body is a skill that most people have trouble with.  Practicing this is crucial to top level performance.

The Drill

This drill has 25 total lights that are activated in sporadic orders and placements and is focused on reaction time. Participants must quickly react to their surroundings by deactivating the lights with their feet as efficiently as possible for the best time.  The right positioning and footwork are both necessary to maintain the rhythm an focus that is needed to deactivate each light.  It is important to be ready for anything as the lights can activate one at a time, two-at-a-time, and even five at once!


25 Light Set Up

5 Lights are set 22.5″ apart from each other



This drill can be done as an explosive exercise within itself or superseded with a strength or power exercise.  The rest should be at least thirty seconds as it can be very taxing to perform this drill.  Make sure you effectively warm up your body as there is a lot of lateral movement involved.

Sequence Setup

Target Ranges

Top —————- .700 – .900

Above Average —————- .900 – 1.100

Average —————- 1.400 – 1.800