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The use of an expert system has marked incredibly in our lives, whether in the corporate world, fitness world, or the sports world. Ultimately, this advancement caters the need for people to improve and enjoy what they have now. will help people who want to embrace such changes.

The FITLIGHT Trainer® is a cognitive system that uses wireless lights that are controlled by a tablet. The system records the performance and gives immediate feedback including the coordination, speed, reaction time and fitness level after every session.

It is an innovative option for fitness enthusiasts for sports, healthcare and tactical performance. The system escalates speed by creating a strong connection between the body and mind. It also helps in increasing the flight and fight response of the mind.

FITLIGHT Trainer™ Dashboard

The user friendly Dashboard of The FITLIGHT Trainer® enables its users to analyze their performance quickly and find the shortcomings without any detailed analysis. The performance data saved in cloud storage and it is easily accessible from smartphones, computers and laptops. The real-time data can be easily analyzed by anybody. You can assess the training program and redevelop if any changes are required.

Why Use the Fitlight Trainer®

Once you start using the FITLIGHT Trainer®, it becomes an essential part of the training process. It can mirror the real game training conditions and encourages the players to strengthen their abilities and react correctly during the game. It is an ideal tool for athletes as they can conduct a deep analysis of their performance in a simulated environment.

The FITLIGHT Trainer® System is highly recommended to the fitness enthusiasts who opt for intense exercises. It enables the athlete and trainer to make out appropriate routine, fitness conditioning and set achievable goals to improve health and fitness. The trainer can observe the speed, agility and reaction time of the athlete and make changes to the fitness program accordingly. FITLIGHT Trainer® can replicate specific moves and actual movements practiced during the game.

Benefits of Fitlight Trainer®

Supports Rehabilitation Through Collection of Data

The FITLIGHT Trainer® system is highly beneficial for physical therapists who can use it for the rehabilitation of their clients who have suffered from injuries. It can also be used for conducting complex diagnoses that cannot be done through the conventional equipment.

The physical therapist can easily place the lights according to the aspects under consideration. The patient can be tested for the range of motion, coordination, strength and the extent of injury. The doctor can set the trainer at the desired level of difficulty and set the number of reps as well.

The FITLIGHT Trainer® system provides reliable data which gives the doctor a clear view of where the patient stands in the recovery process. After finding the rate of recovery, the physiotherapist can remodel the treatment for the betterment of the patient.

Unique Athletic Approach for the Brain

Intense game conditions require ample training in the same extreme environment. The FITLIGHT Trainer® simulates the game environment, moves and drills to develop the skills of the athlete. In this way, the athlete enhances their abilities prior to entering the real life game.

To ace the competition, the athlete can create performance benchmarks and metrics for physical exercises. It is highly beneficial for achieving tangible goals.

Innovational Training Device for the Task Force

The FITLIGHT Trainer® is a great option for training of the individuals performing in tactical occupation. People having jobs that require extreme physical fitness can benefit from this trainer as they can easily track attributes and movements required for their specific jobs.

People can work improving their reaction time, peripheral vision measurement, visual-motor skills by using the FITLIGHT Trainer™. Another exciting feature of this trainer is that it can be easily attached to the different obstacles or apparatuses. You can also set specific time between two consecutive obstacles to gain speed and agility.

Improves Hyperarousal

FITLIGHT Trainer® enables the user to create a strong connection between the body and the mind. The predefined or customized measurable routines train the brain and the body to react together when in a certain situation. The fight and flight response of the body is improved with the use of this type of system.

Slows Cognitive Declination

People suffering from cognitive disorders face numerous challenges in sensory processing. It reduces the reaction time and slows down the response generated against light and sound. With the dynamic learning framework of FITLIGHT Trainer® , users can enhance their identification, focus and reactivity. Along with this, it also helps in improving the motor and sensory skills of the users.

It also helps the users in preventing cognitive disorders by increasing the concentration, capacity and perception of the individuals.

Features of FITLIGHT Trainer®

Setup Anywhere

FITLIGHT Trainer® can be mounted anywhere by attaching the lights to various surfaces either with the velcro attachments, or from the various accessories offered to enhance the training experience.

Advanced Patented Technology

The FITLIGHT Trainer® contains patented technology. The programmable sensor allows users to deactivate the lights either by touch or motion, and program the distances and impact levels as well. This allows more dynamic training, and mimics real life game and training situations.

Optimum Training Regimes

You can use the predefined measurable routines of FITLIGHT Trainer™ or customize it according to your needs. It can be used by multiple people, groups and teams at the same time.

Flexible and Durable

FITLIGHT Trainer® is simple to use and offers a wide range of setting options. You can use it for indoor as well as outdoor training. It is waterproof, impact resistant and easily rechargeable.

Credible Assessment

All beneficial features of the FITLIGHT Trainer® enables the user to determine which areas of training need improvement. It also helps in the process of enhancement of the training regimes by enabling the user to analyze the level of performance.

Who Can Use the Fitlight Trainer

The FITLIGHT Trainer® is for everyone who is following training programs to improve workout performance. Features of FITLIGHT Trainer® are equally suitable for the beginners as well as the experienced athletes. The cognitive skills training enables the user to practice dynamic training regimes. It offers a wide range of physical conditioning options so that you can easily train your mind to achieve goals you have always dreamed of.