Evaluation of the physiological responses to FITLIGHT Trainer™ exercise | FITLIGHT®
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The evaluation of FITLIGHT Trainer™ was performed as case studies with 2 healthy, trained male volunteers (V1, V2). The volunteers came into the laboratory twice. At the 1st visit, the volunteers performed an incremental running test to exhaustion on a treadmill (Woodway Pro, Weil am Rhein, Germany) to determine oxygen uptake (VO2max), heart rate (HRmax) and blood lactate (Lactatemax) during maximal work intensity (Table 1).

At the 2nd visit (a week after the 1st visit), the volunteers returned to the laboratory to perform a fitLight Trainer exercise protocol. For the purpose of this laboratory test, two vertical poles were placed 2.5m apart with 3 LED powered lights mounted on each of the poles (0.25m, 1.10m, and 1.95m from the ground).

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