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I’ve worked with athletes for many years doing performance vision training, and have utilized FITLIGHT® in screenings for the Miami Dolphins as well as UCF football and basketball (having them brought in by other docs that had them). Only recently did I finally get my own set of lights- and I was extremely impressed!

I knew that they could be set up to respond, not just to touch, but to a set distance a hand/foot/object is waved in front of them.  But I did not know they are durable enough to set up a quarterback drill- literally having them go off by having a football thrown at the light. I can even set up a boxer to hit the lights!  Not only was I impressed at the durability and design of the lights, but I had no idea that there were built-in training programs for different sports. Many of those drills aren’t just “vision training drills”, but drills that any football player, or for that matter coach, strength and conditioning coach, even trainers would know. Drills like the 3 cone drill that is done at the NFL combine, shuttle drills that are done at every high school, layup drills done by every basketball team.

As someone already established in performance vision training, one of the most common questions I get from doctors is “what training procedures are you using?” I tell them to be creative, design exercises that cater to exactly what the athletes need to do and speak their language. They say, they understand the concepts, but want to know a step by step of what to do.  The online training portal is the best I’ve seen from any performance vision equipment. It will gives doctors pre-designed drills for athletes and will then allow them to get creative and make their own drills as well.

In an easy to use format, they layout everything from set up, to programming, to the language used to describe exactly what skill is being enhanced or tested. You have access to many drills designated for specific sports, athletic training and even cognitive skills. You need to know what possibilities are at your fingertips with this training device!

I’m excited to be able to share some of my favorite training drills using FITLIGHT®. We will work with different athletes, at different levels to give doctors the inside info of what would be available with this system. I look forward to helping others see the possibilities they have with FITLIGHT®!