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Have you seen the videos with famous athletes and sports teams training with flashing lights? If you have, you are seeing a revolutionary new product by FitLight Training™ that helps improve speed with reaction lights.

How do reaction training lights work?

Reaction training lights are a relatively new innovation that trainers have started using in functional training. They have a variety of uses and work in many different ways. They improve agility, endurance, speed, and more. they are versatile and interactive, and are appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels and are designed to improve the connection to what the eyes see to have the body reacts.

What are Reaction Lights?

Reaction lights use modern technology to help boost your performance. From speed to agility, you can use reaction lights to improve your response time and reactive ability. Track your training sessions as well as monitor your progress for continuous improvement with the FITLIGHT Trainer™, the pioneer in reaction light training.

Reaction lights provide users with a target to deactivate during each training routine. Various measurements are capture movement for immediate feedback, giving you an interactive workout, even when you’re alone.

It can measure your current performance against your past performance, so you know whether or not you’re meeting your goals.

How are Reaction Lights Used in Training?

Depending on the activity you choose, you may deactivate the lights with different body parts such as your head, hands, feet, or even exercise equipment! You may also be able to deactivate the lights by proximity if the exercise calls for that movement. 

Once you enter your preferred settings, you can arrange the light modules in the appropriate places, perform the training routine, and then evaluate your performance.

There are thousands of exercise variations to choose from with a wide range of sensitivity and difficulty.  Reaction lights are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to do some light exercising or train for something more physical.

Professional athletes turn to reaction training lights because they strive for constant improvement. However, even for the casual exerciser, these lights provide a fun way to get you motivated to work out every day.

FITLIGHT® History of Reaction Light Training

FITLIGHT® specializes in equipment uniquely designed with modern technology in mind. They create their products for the enjoyment and the pursuit of better performance. They intend to set the standard by which performance is measured.  

They are committed to excellence, have a vision for revolutionizing training, are motivated to help you move and measure, and pride themselves on innovation. By focusing on these core values, they are revolutionizing the way people train.

A reaction light training system gives users a superior experience with a custom exercise routine that’s just right. It’s an excellent way to track your performance using technology and engages your brain for a full-body interactive exercise routine that’s different every time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]