Simple and Complex Reaction Time at Visual Stimulation, Before and After Rehabilitation After Knee Surgery in Football Players | FITLIGHT®
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Zurek M, Comi S, Cicchella A, Roi GS

School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Motor Sciences, University of Bologna; Isokinetic Medical Group

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Milan, Italy

Agility and coordination are two of the many attributes required to become a successful player. Complex movements such as dribbling, turning, passing and intercepting often necessitate quick and large changes in speed and direction and correctly executing skills requires good body coordination.  Agility refers to the ability to change the direction of the body abruptly or to shift quickly the direction of movement without losing balance. It is dependent on a combination of factors such as speed, strength, balance and co-ordination. The ability to turn quickly, evade challenges and side-step calls for good motor coordination and can be measured using different agility tests.

To study 2 different tests aimed at the development of movement speed and agility at the end of a rehabilitation protocol after knee ACL surgery.

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