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The FITLIGHT® has the ability to measure and track attributes or movements integral to the physically demanding tasks associated with tactical occupations.

Several drills can be executed using the FITLIGHT® including squad movement, speed, and strength training drills. Actions such as response and reaction time, peripheral vision measurement, visual-motor skills, can also be measured with the FITLIGHT®. The FITLIGHT® can be attached to specific apparatuses during obstacle

course simulations, to capture mobility and gain discrete timing data between each obstacle on the course. This is useful to quantify how detailed aspects such as the weight and bulk of specific gear affect mobility when performing tasks and duties in the field.

With the FITLIGHT® the user will be equipped with the ability to evaluate, measure, record, and improve the various attributes related to enhancing human performance that is vital to survival.

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Military Training and Performance Measurements Cross Over to the Mainstream | Via stack.com

Photo Source: Thinkstock via Getty Images
Look at the class schedule at your local YMCA and you are bound to see terms like Bootcamp, Combat Training and other military-inspired training classes. No one actually thinks they are going into real combat, but the workouts in these classes are quite similar to true combat training at military bases across the country.
Military training methodology has become so popular that it has been adopted by most, if not all, of the professional and college sports teams in the United States and across the world

Cognitive Development and Reaction Training with FITLIGHT®

Recently, trainers at military bases have been adding a new layer to their everyday workouts to mimic real-life scenarios such as PT and Shoot House. They use a high-tech device called the FITLIGHT®, which trains cognitive skills, hand-eyecoordination and more. What’s good for the military is also good for athletes.

Brandon Powers, MS, CSCS, an exercise physiologist at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, trains soldiers on a daily basis. A huge proponent of cognitive training, he has created a workout program that anyone can use. Regarding the fitLight Trainer, he says, “I have never used a piece of equipment like this. It’s so versatile.”
So what kind of military training does Powers do that can be used by athletes?