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Do you wish to enhance your body’s capability to move? Try agility training! Agility is the body’s ability to move quickly and effortlessly, from changing direction to moving efficiently without losing control. Agility training will help you level up your athleticism by also speeding up your recovery time, improving your balance, and even enhancing your mind-body coordination! That’s the advantage of agility training! — it’s not just for sports but also for your everyday routine.

Here are advantages and few things to take note about agility training:

1. Agility Training Benefits Athletes in Any Sport that Requires Movement

When talking about sports, movement is essential. The good thing about agility training is that it not just benefits athletes in specific sports but all sports where movement is necessary. From improving balance, increasing speed, increasing power to decreasing your recovery time, agility training is essential in retaining your athleticism.

2. Agility Training Can Improve Dynamic Balance

As by the definition of agility, the body’s ability to move quickly and effortlessly, it strengthens reflexes which will help you speed up your movements in everything that you do. Agility training also enhances dynamic balance and mind-body coordination. Later on in life, adults will remain independent to their bodies as well.

3. Rest Periods are Important

Training is important but rest periods are just as important. As they say, too much is as bad as too little. Between working out, your body needs enough rest for the muscles to fully recover. Too much training would strain your body, but too much rest will also lose momentum. You need to find balance in training.

4. When It Comes to Agility Training, Less is More

In agility training, if you are a beginner, just take-it-easy. Overdoing it will not make any improvements on your ability. Agility training requires consistent increase and not forcing yourself to perform all agility exercises in one session.

5. Execute Repetitions with Maximal Effort

When doing agility training, you need to learn the correct technique of an exercise. Once the technique is correct, you will feel comfortable while doing it. Make sure to perform every repetition with utmost power. In this way, your body is pushed to respond quickly. Remember that your agility increases only when you surpass your ceiling performance.

6. Conditions You at the End of the Workout

Bear in mind that agility training does not equate in having endurance training. It is a misconception for most athletes to undergo drills for endurance during agility training sessions every workout. While both are important in improving athleticism, don’t ever treat agility training like endurance training. Endurance is the ability of a person to sustain an activity or exercise for a period of time. If you apply this as your agility training, you will feel exhausted. As mentioned in number three, rest period is important in agility training.

7. Every Agility Training is Unique

Not all agility training is the same. There are two types of agility training: rehearsed and reactive. During rehearsed training, athletes usually undergo pre-set cone arrangements and center their interest on different strategies in order to extremely enhance skills in shifting directions. Conversely, reactive agility training focuses on the athlete’s reflexes based on some unpredictable situations that might happen during the actual game. In training, coaches maximize their resources in order for the athletes to be critical, quick and responsive during their game, for instance the use of signs, whistles and others.

8. Agility Training Helps More Than the Muscles in Your Body

It is not just the muscles that benefit in agility training but also the different brain regions. Agility training improves your focus as well as your coordination. This training enforces the different brain regions to collaborate with each other. At the beginning, you will feel that your movements are awkward and unnatural. As time goes by, with consistent practice and effort, they will eventually feel natural.

Now that you know about Agility Training, How can FITLIGHT help?

Adding agility to your exercise program is a great technique to improve your athleticism, not just in sport but also in your daily life (routine).  To become more agile, you need to elevate your training.  FITLIGHT is a great addition to any training regime because it allows for the progression of training and it can be implemented into your seamlessly.  Our system is dynamic and gives both athletes and nonathletes an impressive training environment that will make you feel connected, getting feedback while training, through our program that includes all types of training that is compatible for all types of people regardless of their age and abilities.